SuperSonics Reign Man Throws a Party!

Yes it’s true.  SuperSonics Shawn Kemp came back to Seattle to throw a whopper of a party to celebrate the Thunder’s attempts to go to the finals.  Hard fought year, I gathered.  Kemp wanted to celebrate that they just missed out on the inclusion, so he held a party here in Seattle at Neumos, the live music venue.

Several people who’d LOVE to have our basketball team back, were in attendance.

Tell me – Would you have gone?  Do you want a new SuperSonics team here?  Thoughts?

Here are the deets:

Lynnwood – New housing planned!

If you thought, “Lynnwood?  Isn’t that a town waaay up north of Seattle?”  You’d be in for a surprise these days!

Lynnwood’s building a City Center.  The city is rolling out plans for the development of two large apartment complexes and a hotel (beginning already this year), right at the intersection of 196th and I-5.  This is a  hot spot because it will also welcome Light Rail in the not too distant future.  Work on the Light Rail begins in 2018 and will have a transit center around the 200th SW block.  One of the structures is to be a 300 unit senior housing project, while the other is to be “affordable workforce housing,” whatever that is going to cost.


All of this development is creating a “walkable downtown core” – meaning shorter blocks, wider sidewalks, taller buildings, and so forth.  With the new flurry of improvements, 196th is also going to be widened.  The long-promised Costco is going to open just north of Alderwood Mall.

A section of 198th SW is slated to become a “main street-style” area.  There are rumours of a tentatively planned new park too.

Some of the height boundaries are being upzoned to 30 stories, while a 35 FOOT height limit would be set for buildings that are adjacent to residential structures.  (Do you see a canyon in the making here, folks?)  If a 30-story building WERE constructed in the new hood, that would turn out to be the highest building in Snohomish County.

What is the purpose of all this construction?  Frankly?  Lynnwood is positioning itself to be an affordable housing target as they are located midway between Seattle and Everett.  They seem to think that within the next 20 years, they will see a growth of 35-55,000 households.  Wanna bet it’ll happen sooner than 20 years?

If you want “in” on the excitement of this growing and forward-thinking community, while prices are still affordable, call Rita!  She and her team will help you find a terrific investment, guide you through your options, and help sort out all the details of a purchase.

Photo courtesy City of Lynnwood

New Homes – Want to live close to Factoria Mall?


Talk about location, location, location!  Back in 2004, the New York based Kimco Realty Corp had purchased Factoria Mall with the intention of updating the mall and adding up to 685 residential units nearby.  Then the downturn of 2008 happened and the concept was scaled way back.

Good new though!  There will be 24 luxury townhomes built with ground breaking happening late in 2015.  No one has mentioned pricing just yet, so it’s anyone’s guess just how high they may go by the time of “roll out” to the public.

Are you interested?  Then you’ll want to contact the Condominium Specialist, Joan Furlong (206.999.1814) or contact Rita Harris, Broker for more info.