Historical Seattle Retail Building – For SALE?

What has historical Seattle significance and yet offers 80,000 s.f. of space? More to the point, why WOULD a company do it?

Seattle Historical Retail Building

An historical Seattle retail building might be for sale.  In a recent article in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce discussed a number of interesting points pertaining to one of Seattle’s historical retail buildings, presently owned by Macys.  The upper floors of the building haven’t been well used in recent years, so there is discussion about how best to reconfigure the space or sell it off to “a major” who can take on all that footage.

What does 80,000 s.f. per floor look like?  Well, the average Seattle Safeway stores today are at 40,000 s.f.  SMALL grocery stores were at 20k before they got their remodels.

Rumour was that Facebook had expressed interest in this Seattle real estate, but when a deal didn’t come together quickly enough, they opted for some new space further north toward Lake Union.

What company is likely to want to share space in the elegant, historical building?  Do you remember what used to be on the 7th and 8th floors when the building was The Bon Marche?  I seem to remember eating very tasty egg sandwiches in the cafeteria. With that amount of square footage, a company could even go retro and have their own cafeteria to serve their employees.  No more leaving the building to go find lunch!

So is selling the top floors a good thing?  Maaaaybe.  Personally I’d rather see it on a long term lease for offices, so that the space doesn’t become victim to even MORE apartments or condos.

In Seattle’s big push for living spaces, I think we’ve turned enough churches and other beautiful buildings, originally intended for other purposes, into housing.  What do you think?